MDR Communication , Tamilnadu, India.

Universal High Gain Quad LNB

Item 1809
Features Low Phase Noise
Low Noise Figure
Low Power Consumption
Very High  Cross Polarization Isolation
Very High Frequency Stability
Technical specifications Input Frequency Range  10.7~12.75 GHz
IF Frequency Range 950~2150 MHz
Noise Figure 0.8db
LO Frequency Accuracy @25° C ±1 MHz
LO temperature drift ±2 MHz
LO Phase [email protected]  -60 dBc/Hz
LO Phase [email protected]  -75 dBc/Hz
LO Phase [email protected]  -90 dBc/Hz
Conversation Gain 55~70 dB
Gain Variation (Over Full Band) 6dB p-p (max)
Image Rejection 40 dB (min)
1 dB compression Point (@output) 0 dBm (min)
Cross Polarization Isolation 20 dB (min)
Output VSWR 2.5:1
Current Consumption 135mA (max)
Operating temperature  -30~+60 ℃
Logistical info weight 150grams
Packing Dimensions 98x55x125mm
Quantity per carton 50pcs
Carton Dimensions 515x 300 x270mm
Carton weight 9.86kgs
Neck length 40.05mm
Port Length 52.5mm
Neck Diameter 40mm
Total length 121.44mm


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